Dieselex Gold

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Engineered to Power and Protect Diesel Engines.

Infographic detailing the chemical composition of Dieselex Gold
  • Restore lost horsepower
  • Clean injectors for better fuel efficiency
  • Assist with faster engine starts
  • Protect fuel system components
  • Extend fuel storage life
  • Prevent internal injector deposits

With eight unique components to improve the performance characteristics of diesel fuel, Ontario's premium diesel fuel Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation among our customers in Ontario for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today's sophisticated fuel systems. Whether in the field or on the road, Dieselex Gold is proven to outperform other diesel fuel.

The eight components; cetane improver, detergents, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity enhancers, oxidation inhibitors, fuel stabilizers, demulsifiers and moisture control all make up the unique formula of Dieselex Gold.

With Dieselex Gold, UPI Energy FS customers experience faster engine starts, improved fuel efficiency, extended storage life, reduced wear, enhanced fuel system life and controlled moisture accumulation. With reduced maintenance, fewer repairs and less downtime, these all lead to real cost savings for UPI Energy FS customers over the long haul.

Combined with the detergency that keeps injectors clean, it all adds up to improved efficiency. In fact, our test fleet showed a 5.7% gain in fuel efficiency. Depending on the price of fuel, that can equate to significant savings per litre!

To meet the changing needs of today's diesel engines, UPI Energy FS is proud to include Dieselex Gold in our line of environmentally friendlier premium diesel fuels available to our customers in Ontario.

For more information on Dieselex Gold or UPI Energy FS, call 1-800-396-2667.