Agriculture Bio-Security

Value-Added Service for Your Business

At UPI Energy FS, we are not your typical energy supplier. We understand how important it is for you to receive value for your money. That’s why we have developed specialized value-added programs for farm and business across rural Ontario — so you get the most out of every energy dollar you spend!

Animal disease in Canada is a reality and agricultural bio-security has taken on increased importance. UPI has taken a proactive approach by implementing a bio-security policy throughout its provincial network to ensure your farm and business is safe.

The policy incorporates sound and practical bio-security procedures and protocols that reduce the risk of spreading any biological hazards from farm to farm through the company's employees and its fleet.

In the event of an animal disease outbreak, UPI's Clean Team Unit would take charge of cleaning and disinfecting UPI vehicles prior to entering each farm property within the declared area.

The custom designed cleaning & disinfecting unit is fully mobile and able to respond Ontario wide 24 hours a day.