This is a transcript of the video Price Guard

[Graph lines are shown and are animated in an upward trending fashion. The UPI Price Guard logo is superimposed on top.]

>> Price Guard, UPI Energy's price protection plan,

[The UPI Price Guard logo slides to the left of the screen until it is no longer shown. Graph lines continue to animate in an up and down fashion. The text "Price Protection Plan" is shown on screen.]

>> gives you a max fuel price for six months

[The text, "Maximum Fuel Price" and "Six months" is shown on screen. A calendar is shown in the bottom right corner with its pages being torn off.]

>> providing you peace of mind for your farm or business.

[A scene of the front of a farm with a large UPI Energy product delivery truck in the front is shown and the camera pans from right to left. The scene then switches to a closeup of a school bus driving towards the camera.]

>> Experience Our Energy!