This is a transcript of the video The Complete Fuel Service Plan

[The driver-side door of a truck closes to reveal the UPI Energy logo and contact number 1-800-265-7292 decals on it]

>> UPI Energy,

[The scene changes to a zoomed in shot of a golf course hole pin and hole]

>> a dedicated provider

[Scene changes to a zoomed in shot of grapes on a vine]

>> of high-quality

[Scene changes to an orchard and the camera pans across from left-to-right]

>> energy products.

[Scene changes to a wide-angle shot of two tank installations located on the left, a large storage silo in the middle, and a UPI-branded truck driving towards the camera]

>> Proudly serving Ontario's rural communities.

[Scene changes to the UPI Energy logo superimposed on moving clouds with the phrase "Message brought to you by" in the upper-left hand corner and "Experience Our Energy!" in the bottom-right hand corner]

>> Experience Our Energy!